About GRVT

Make crypto trading safe, simple, and scalable for all

The GRVT Docs are a living document that will be dynamically and continuously edited and updated as the GRVT product suite evolves.

GRVT is a hybrid crypto derivatives exchange (HEX), offering self-custody trading, lightning-fast execution, deep liquidity, capital efficiency, and competitive fees. We cater to both professional and novice traders with two distinct trading modes. Powered by zkSync technology, GRVT leverages zk-rollups for unparalleled security and scalability. We are the first official Appchain on zkSync's Hyperchain and received an investment from Matter Labs, the creators of zkSync.

Our foundational pillars

At GRVT, we've built our hybrid exchange (HEX) on three foundational pillars: Safety, Simplicity and Scalability.


We empower traders to trade with confidence and peace of mind, without having to worry about asset security or exchange risk.

  • Self-custody: Our platform is designed to grant users full control over their funds.

  • Trading privacy: Your trading data is kept private and confidential so no one can exploit it.

  • Multi-layered protection: With a blend of Web2 and Web3 security protocols, we've fortified our platform against unwanted intrusion.

  • Compliant-ready: We implement stringent screening protocols, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


We simplify trading for all users, whether they are experienced professionals or newcomers. We strive to create an experience that's as easy and intuitive as shopping on your preferred e-commerce platform, making trading accessible to everyone.

  • For every trader: Whether you're a professional or a novice, our two trading modes cater to all levels of expertise.

  • Easy self-custody: Get started with self-custody with no complex setup required, such as managing private keys.


We shape the future of trading, making it faster and more cost-effective, while continually reimagining new possibilities to onboard the next billion users.

  • Lightning-fast order matching: By integrating off-chain order book matching with on-chain settlements, we've achieved an impressive 600,000 trades per second with under 2 milliseconds of delay.

  • Gas-less trading: Say goodbye to unpredictable gas fees. Our platform is designed for efficient, cost-effective trading.

  • Optimal capital management: Ensure your capital is used efficiently with our portfolio margin and cross margin offerings.

Why do we build GRVT?

While CEXes offer traders a platform that's fast, efficient, and cost-effective, recent events have unveiled their vulnerabilities. High-profile collapses of platforms such as Celsius and FTX, as well as failures of established banks like Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank, highlighted the issue of counterparty risks. Placing trust in a centralized entity, no matter how formidable, isn’t 100% safe.

DEXes have emerged as an alternative, championing a system where users maintain full custody of their funds, eliminating the need for intermediaries. But they are not perfect. They often struggle with handling large transactions and complex trades. They’re jargon-heavy and user-unfriendly. They also introduce new challenges, including smart contract vulnerabilities and issues like trade manipulations and front-running due to the transparent nature of on-chain trading data.

Given this backdrop, the crypto landscape is ripe for groundbreaking innovations. GRVT is leading this transformation, challenging the dominance of CEXes through our hybrid exchange model, bridging the gap between blockchain security and centralized exchange efficiency.

This initiative will begin with the launch of a Central Limit Orderbook (CLOB) trading for crypto options and perpetuals, and the introduction of a Request For Quote (RFQ) trading for derivatives combination block trades.

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