ZK Reward Program

Deposit, trade, and get a Mystery Box to earn $ZK on GRVT

Your second chance for a $ZK airdrop is here. The ZK Reward Program is designed in line with our philosophy - to reward every real user who contributes to our ecosystem. Whether you are a trader or non-trader, influencer or not, every contributor will be able to earn $ZK in relation to their activity points. 100% of $ZK tokens allocated to GRVT will be given back to our community.


  1. Epoch 1: Deposit on GRVT to earn Deposit Points.

  2. Epoch 2: Generate trading fees while you trade on GRVT to earn Trader Points.

  3. ZKsync Mystery Box: Complete tasks for raffle tickets to boost ZK incentives with your Mystery Box tier. Full reveal of the content coming soon.

  4. Earn: Your total $ZK tokens are based on your Deposit Points, Trader Points, and Mystery Box tier incentives.

How it works

Earn $ZK for TVL contribution and trading on GRVT. Your activity points will convert to $ZK rewards, plus your Mystery Box tier incentives.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Verify on GRVT. This is a prerequisite to protect our $ZK airdrop against Sybil attacks.

  2. Start Epoch 1 of ZK Reward Program: Deposit to earn

  3. Start Epoch 2 of ZK Reward Program: Deposit + Trade to earn

  4. Claim your Mystery Box incentives (to be revealed soon).

  5. Your total $ZK tokens awarded will be based on your total ZK Activity points.

Important note:

  • Opening your box to see your Mystery Box incentives is available when Epoch 1 starts.

How the ZK Reward points system works

The points system will have two epochs.

  1. Pre-mainnet launch (est. end of July): Consider Deposit points only

  2. Post-mainnet launch (est. early Sep): Consider Deposit points and Trader points

ZK Activity Points = Deposit points + Trader Points + Mystery Box incentives

How the Mystery Box works

Our ZKsync Mystery Box provides greater rewards to early ambassadors. Stay tuned for the major reveal. Hint: higher-tier boxes yield higher $ZK rewards.

  1. Earn Raffle Tickets: Complete tasks to win raffle tickets for a chance at higher-tier Mystery Boxes.

  2. Open Your Box: Choose to open your box monthly (each Epoch).

  3. Get ZKsync Mystery Box incentives: Opening your box will reveal and fix your bonus incentives for the current Epoch. It will be applied if you choose to claim your total $ZK rewards for the epoch.

Step-by-step guide

Prerequisite to start

Create a GRVT account and complete KYC to be eligible, protecting our $ZK airdrop from Sybil attacks.

Epoch 1: Deposit

  • Deposit USDT on GRVT to earn Deposit points, contribution to your ZK Activity points.

  • 1 Deposit point = (deposit amount * days held) / 100


  • 300 USDT for 30 days = 90 Deposit points

  • 300 USDT for 30 days + 100 USDT for 10 days = 100 Deposit points

Epoch 2: Trade

  • Trade on GRVT to earn Trader points, contribution to ZK Activity points

  • Trader points = Trading volume (notional) * Fee * 1000 (Trader point multiplier)


  • 3,000 USD trading volume * 0.05% fee * 1000 = 1,500 Trader points

Note: If the fee is negative, it will be floored at 0. The fee paid is based on GRVT’s fee model here.

Prerequisite to claim

Trade at least 100 USDT to claim $ZK based on your total ZK points, redeemable monthly.

Reward Pool

GRVT has received an initial $ZK token allocation of 2.5 million. We will combine this amount with another upcoming drop for ZKsync projects to offer a bigger reward pool for our contributors. We’ll keep you updated on our ZK Reward Pool as we go.

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