Architecture Overview

GRVT's hybrid exchange architecture overview

The GRVT Docs are a living document that will be dynamically and continuously edited and updated as the GRVT product suite evolves.

Our innovative HEX platform represents a groundbreaking convergence of centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX), offering a unique hybrid trading experience that merges the best aspects of both exchange models.

Our HEX model incorporates the robust security measures of both CEX and DEX, giving users the standard protections of a username, password, and 2FA, complemented by the added security layer of a private key. 

Furthermore, our HEX model combines the efficiency of a CEX for off-chain trade matching with the transparency and immutability of on-chain settlements and margin management. Our risk engine operates both off-chain and on-chain. Additionally, we ensure on-chain privacy via zk-proof validium. Custody is segregated to mitigate counterparty risk, creating a secure and robust trading environment.

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