Trader Reward

Trade on GRVT to earn future airdrops

Our Trader Reward program is set to launch during GRVT’s Mainnet launch. We will provide more updates closer to the date.

What are rewards based on?

Tokens are awarded based on the trading fees you have paid while you trade on GRVT.

Reward Pool

The Trader Reward pool contains 4% of total GRVT tokens, distributed from Epoch 1 until the first 18 months of our Mainnet launch.

How it works

Earn points based on the fees you contribute to our total fee pool. Every dollar you trade, the higher your Trader Score will be.

Calculation of Token Rewards

User Score = (User's Fee Paid / Total Fees Paid by All Traders) * 100

Token Awarded to User = User Score * % of Token for current month * Total Number of Tokens

When will the Trader Reward launch

The Trader Reward will commence at GRVT’s mainnet launch. More updates will be provided closer to the date.

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