Liquidity Provider Reward

Quote to earn future airdrops on GRVT

Our Liquidity Provider Reward program is set to launch during GRVT’s Mainnet launch. We will provide more updates closer to the date.

What are rewards based on?

Tokens are awarded based on your relative Liquidity Provider score.

Reward Pool

The Liquidity Reward pool contains 4% of total GRVT tokens, distributed from Epoch 1 until the first 18 months of our Mainnet launch.

How it works

Provide liquidity and execute both buy and sell orders. Earn a higher Liquidity Provider score by quoting tighter within a maximum considered depth.

How to join

There are two ways to be a Liquidity Provider on GRVT:

  1. Manually

Apply by emailing We'll review your experience and reputation. If approved, you'll be enrolled as a market maker starting next month.

  1. Automatically

If your maker volume share is 0.25% or higher in a market (perpetual or option) for a month, you'll be automatically enrolled in the program from the beginning of the next month.

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