Season 1

Season 1: Ecosystem Reward - The Game Begins In the first season, we focus on rewarding the contributions made towards community building.

  • Token Allocation: 3% of total GRVT tokens.

  • Duration: Starting from December 7th and spanning 9 months post-mainnet launch.

  • Who Can Join? Every individual trader out there - this is your time to shine!

  • How to Earn: You can earn GRVT points across three distinct phases. The allocation of token rewards will be based on the relative points you accumulate throughout these phases. This system ensures that your active participation and contributions are fairly rewarded in the overall distribution of GRVT tokens.

The Three Phases of Rewards in Season 1

Phase 0: Early Ambassador Invite Points (October 2023, Completed)

  • Activity: Inviting friends to become early ambassadors of GRVT.

  • Point Allocation:

    • 2 points for each direct invite.

    • 1 point for each indirect invite.

    • 2 points for accepting an invite and joining.

Phase 1: Limited Waitlist Invite Points (December 7th to Mainnet Launch) *Expected mainnet launch date April 2024

  • Activity: Use your unique invite code to invite active traders.

  • Point Allocation:

    • 10 points for each direct invite.

    • 2 points for each indirect invite.

    • 10 points for being invited.

  • Referral Quota and Renewal: Once you utilize all your allocated invite codes in a week, you'll be issued a new set of limited invite codes the following week.

    • Over 7 direct invites in Phase 0: 10 weekly invite quotas.

    • 7 or fewer direct invites in Phase 0: 2 weekly invite quotas.

    • New participants: 2 weekly invite quotas.

Phase 2: Ecosystem Trading Points (Mainnet Launch to 9 months Post-Launch)

In the second season, we reward traders who boost liquidity and stay active on our platform. We offer more points for trading to encourage participation and recognize their essential role in our ecosystem.

  • Activity: Earn points based on your invitees' trading activity.

  • Pro Tip: This is your golden phase for earning points. Active trading by your direct and indirect invites is key.

  • Point Allocation:

    • Activity Points:

      • 100 points for each direct invite from Phase 1 who passes KYC and trades $2,000 in the first 3 months.

      • 10 points for each indirect invite who does the same.

    • Trading Points:

      • 1 point for every dollar traded by a Phase 1 direct invite.

      • 1 point for every $10 traded by a Phase 1 indirect invite.

Why Phase 2 Matters Most

  • Phase 2 is the heart of our reward program. The more your invitees trade, the more points you accumulate. So, focus on inviting active traders - inactive ones won’t contribute much to your score.

How Points and Rewards Work

  • Collect Points: Across all phases, with a special focus on trading activity in Phase 2.

  • Direct vs. Indirect Invites: Different points for different types of invites. Strategy is key!

  • Distribution of Tokens: Begins 3 months after the mainnet launch, distributing the first batch of rewards, and monthly distributions over the following 6 months based on your monthly ecosystem point rankings.

Remember: Quality over quantity! Inviting genuine, active traders is your key to success. Avoid the pitfall of inviting fake accounts, as they won’t help you score those valuable points.

Join us in this thrilling journey, rack up those points, and let the mystery and rewards unfold.

🚀 Ready to embark on your GRVT journey? Let the trading and inviting begin! 🚀


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