GRVT's product suite

The GRVT Docs are a living document that will be dynamically and continuously edited and updated as the GRVT product suite evolves.

Perpetuals Order Book

GRVT’s Perpetuals Order Book offers an effective way to trade derivatives with no expiry dates, blending the flexibility of spot trading with the power of leverage. This product is designed for traders looking to capitalize on market trends by using leverage as a risk/reward multiplier. Traders may Buy/Long or Sell/Short perpetuals for BTC or ETH using USDT as collateral using Limit or Market orders that can be customised with profit-taking and stop-loss triggers.

Options Order Book

GRVT’s Options Order Book allows traders to hedge or speculate on the price of assets at a future time. Traders can choose to long or short Calls or Puts in either the BTC or the ETH markets using USDT as collateral. For each option type, there are a variety of strike prices and expiry dates on offer to serve a wide range of traders.

RFQ (Request for Quote)

Besides our Order Books, GRVT offers an RFQ product to simplify the trading of large orders. Using RFQ, a trader requests quotes directly from market makers, who respond with quotes that are exercisable exclusively by that trader. This product is ideal for executing significant trades without direct market impact.

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