Deposit and Withdrawal

Instructions to deposit and withdraw funds to/from your GRVT wallet

The GRVT Docs are a living document that will be dynamically and continuously edited and updated as the GRVT product suite evolves.


Our deposit process is easy and straightforward, perfect for anyone whether you're familiar with DeFi or new to using exchanges like ours. We've made our interface simple, avoiding complicated terms.

To get started with trading on GRVT, all you need to do is deposit money into your main or sub-account. Your funds are kept safe under GRVT's secure system and are protected by your private keys.

Depositing Funds from Your Wallet

You have the flexibility to deposit funds into your main account from various wallets, encompassing both your registered external wallets and the in-house GRVT wallet. When depositing from registered wallets, the process is streamlined through the GRVT exchange app. Simply choose your desired network (Ethereum or zkSync) and the type of currency you wish to deposit, and then enter the amount you want to transfer. The balance of your wallet will be displayed clearly in the app's user interface.

Depositing Funds from Another Exchange

To move funds from another exchange to your main GRVT account, start by transferring the funds from the external exchange to your registered wallet using our deposit interface. First, go to our deposit section, then select where you want the funds to go in your GRVT account, pick the currency, and choose the appropriate network (either Ethereum or zkSync) for your transaction. This process will generate a wallet address tied to your account for transferring the funds from the external exchange.

After your funds arrive in your registered wallet, you can then move them to your main GRVT account. To do this, head over to the transfer section, select whether to deposit into your main account or a sub-account, and then specify the transfer amount. This part of the process is similar to making transfers between accounts on a centralized exchange.

Using On-Ramp Services

Additionally, you can buy crypto directly through our partnered on-ramp providers. For detailed information, please refer to our on-ramp section.


Our withdrawal system prioritizes safety and security. It's structured to prevent unauthorized access to your funds, ensuring that even if your account is compromised, withdrawals to unfamiliar wallets are restricted.

Transferring Funds from Your Sub Account

For funds in sub-accounts, any individual with access can facilitate the transfer of funds within various sub-accounts as well as to the main account. This feature allows for flexible movement of funds within the internal structure of your account.

Withdrawing Funds from Your Main Account

When it comes to withdrawing funds from the main account, our system has specific safeguards. Withdrawals are limited to wallets that have been pre-approved or 'whitelisted.' For business accounts, adding a wallet to this whitelist requires consent from several main account administrators, enhancing the security protocol. For individual traders, the process to whitelist a wallet includes completing two-factor authentication (2FA) and signing off on the whitelisting transaction.

After a wallet has been successfully whitelisted, withdrawing funds becomes a straightforward process. You simply select the network, currency, and the amount you wish to withdraw, and the transaction is processed from your main account to your whitelisted wallet. This structured approach ensures that your funds are not only secure but also readily accessible when needed.

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