Terms and Conditions

Terms for using the GRVT platform

The following are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) applied to GRVT Waitlist Referral Program, a “Program” organized by Gravity Markets Ltd. (“GRVT”, “we” or "us"). In case of any dispute relating to the Program, including without limitation, any interpretation and application of any of the Terms and/ or any omission in any of the Terms, GRVT shall determine in our sole and absolute discretion how such dispute shall be finally resolved.


  1. The Program is open for registration and participation by anyone over the age of 18 years old with a valid e-mail address and is not residing in a Banned Jurisdiction (as defined in the User Agreement). Before completion of registration, the participant must certify by way of checking the box accompanying with the valid e-mail address that: the participant (a.) is over 18 years old, (b) does not reside in a Banned Jurisdiction, (c) has provided and will continue to provide true, accurate, complete information for participation in the Program as required by GRVT; and (d) agrees to the Terms and such other terms and conditions applicable to the Program.

  2. Employees of GRVT or its affiliates and any person who has directly participated in the operation, execution or the management of the Program, including their spouses and close family members, are not eligible to participate in the Program.

  3. GRVT may at any time request from any participant to demonstrate compliance with the Terms and other conditions and requirements relating to the Program as reasonably determined by GRVT. Any participant who does not comply with the Terms or such other conditions and requirements relating to the Program or who refuses to demonstrate compliance with the Terms or such other conditions and requirements relating to the Program will be expelled from the Program without any compensation whatsoever, including any entitlement to reward from the Program shall be irrevocably terminated.

  4. As a condition of registration and participation in the Program, if requested by GRVT, the participant shall agree to release their first name and country of residence in GRVT’s social media channels.

Decisions of GRVT, Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers

  1. GRVT shall have the sole discretion to amend and/ or to make any decision relating to the Terms and other conditions and requirements relating to the Program reasonably determined by GRVT. GRVT further reserves the right, without prior notice or obligation, to modify, extend, shorten, suspend, postpone, or terminate the Program, and/ or to modify access and/or operating procedures of the Program. For the avoidance of doubt, the duration of the Program, any rewards allocated to the Program may be modified or terminated by GRVT at its sole discretion. GRVT will endeavor to notify participants of any such material modification by such media as it deems fit. All decisions made by GRVT in respect of the foregoing are final, binding and not subject to appeal. GRVT shall not have liability whatsoever to any person including but not limited to participants in respect of any decision or determination made with respect to the Program.

  2. GRVT, its affiliates and their respective employees, directors, officers, contractors and agents (collectively “GRVT Persons”) shall not have any liability whatsoever in relation to the Program and to any participant, including without limitation, any liability or loss arising out of the following events:

    1. any force majeure or fortuitous event beyond GRVT Persons’ control that partially or totally depriving participants of the possibility of participating and receiving any rewards in the Program;

    2. any delay or failure in participant’s receipt of any reward for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation, any delay or failure caused by any service provider engaged by GRVT Persons or any damage, theft or loss during transmission, delivery or (once transmitted or delivered) possession by the participant of the reward;

    3. any failure or malfunction of the internet network, any computer, hardware, software and/or database of the participants or of any GRVT Persons, and more generally, any problem deriving from (tele)communication networks, processes, and services, from computers (on and offline), servers, internet service providers and/or web hosts, computer hardware, databases, and personal data;

    4. accessibility or other issues arising from any webpage relating to the Program, including any tampering virus, bug infecting the computer hardware of the participant, GRVT Persons and/or any other property.

Personal Data Privacy Policy

  1. By participating in the Program, the participant confirms that he/ she has read, and understands and agrees to be bound by GRVT’s privacy policy as amended from time to time, available at GRVT’s website at https://grvt.io/


The information provided herein should not be construed as a distribution, an offer to sell, or a solicitation to buy any products or services in any jurisdiction where such activities would be unlawful under the laws of such jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of any persons who access the information herein to observe all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdiction. By proceeding, you represent and warrant that all the applicable laws and regulations of your jurisdiction allow you to access the information. We and our affiliates expressly disclaim all and any responsibility if you access the information herein may not be available or appropriate for use in all jurisdictions or countries, or by all customers or counterparties. We do not represent or warrant that any information displayed herein is available or suitable for any particular user.

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